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As many of my generation, I have come to the belief that art is an elitist pursuit.

To create significant art takes a balance of education, intellect, aesthetics, creativity, discipline and talent. There is a force that binds these elements. That is artistic maturity. Age gives one's art depth and richness that is only realized with the perspective of time.

When one or more of these elements is lacking, the result is usually some tripe trying to masquerade as art. This is not to say that some of this nonsense is not financially successful. This is to say that the tripe I speak of is aesthetically bankrupt. Those who are untutored and lacking experience have had there moment and have been found wanting.

I have used the word talent. I do this uneasily, for it is elusive and misunderstood. In the past I have been reduced to the most pedestrian of explanations. I will not embarrass myself by repeating them. It must suffice, for now, to say that talent exists. The standard definitions are adequate for the other elements.

As for my art, it is a combination of realistic facility and abstract thought. The object isolated in the light. A concept made manifest by the mark upon a surface. That mark created by the hand of man is fundamental to my aesthetic beliefs. The beauty of line upon the paper or the brush stroke on canvas mated with the poetry of thought can be the most perfect of events.

-- GH Tepper

The Nature of the Thing Itself

Brogh Superior Crow FlintLock French Gun Giant Squid1 Giant Squid 2
Hammer & Brace Vincent Vitra's Rifle Water Pump Japanese Armor Khukri Wood Plane

Yid Du Partizaner

Mauser Mauser Detail Ruzka's Button Ruzka Abba Vitka Boots
Friday Night Candles Jacket Soup Soup Detail 1 Soup Detail 2

Places and Things

Crane Water Faucet Blue For Sale Ocean Spotlight Fire Hydrant 1925 1st
55 Red Trailer Drawing No. 1 Drawing No. 2 Drawing No. 3

Artist as Observer

Drawing 1 Drawing 2 Drawing 3 Drawing 4
Drawing 5 Drawing 6 Drawing 7 Drawing 8 Drawing 9

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